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John Dewan's Stat of the Week

What's the Deal with Omar?

Last week, we looked at how Hall of Fame candidates Andruw Jones and Scott Rolen compared to other players at their positions in terms of Bill James’ Win Shares system. Today, we are going to look at how fellow first-time Hall of Fame candidate Omar Vizquel stacks up against other shortstops. The following [...]

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Hall of Fame Twitter Chatter

We are very close to finding out who will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2018. Thanks to some writers releasing their ballots publicly, we know just about half of the results, and there are a number of candidates who we know for sure won't make it this season. We [...]

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Bill James Power Ratings - The Saints are Marching In

On his website, Bill James Online, Bill does power ratings for the NFL and the NBA. Based on Bill James’ NFL Power Ratings the number one team in the NFL is the New Orleans Saints. But it’s very close. Among the remaining eight teams in the playoffs, there are four of them with [...]

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Why Not Lou?

A good friend of Stat of the Week, ESPN Chicago radio host Mike Murphy, presented us with a question as to why Lou Whitaker has not been elected to the Hall of Fame when he had better numbers than his recently elected Tigers’ teammate, Alan Trammell. Lou Whitaker hit .276/.363/.426 with 2,369 hits and 244 [...]

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2017 Top Minor League Defenders

2017 Top Minor League DefendersDecember 22, 2017 While minor league prospects are often evaluated on their long-term outlook at the plate, their performance in the field can often make a more immediate impact upon their promotion to the major leagues. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top performing defensive minor leaguers ranked [...]

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The Defensive Value of This Year's Free Agents

The Defensive Value of This Year's Free Agents December 8, 2017 As the Winter Meetings begin in Orlando next week, you can bet that the previously dormant free agent market will heat up once more. To that point, it makes sense to check in with the current crop of free agents to determine who did and [...]

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The Flat Bat Award 2017

The Flat Bat Award 2017December 1, 2017 The Flat Bat Award is given annually to the best bunter of the year. To determine the winner, we look at run value—run expectancy gained or lost—for both successful and unsuccessful sacrifice and bunt-for-hit attempts for each player. Last season’s champion, Cesar Hernandez, fell to fourth this year as [...]

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Cannon Arms in 2017

Cannon Arms in 2017November 17, 2017 Which outfielders had the best arms during the 2017 season? To try and find out one must consider both the runners an outfielder has thrown out, as well as how frequently the outfielder prevented additional bases from being taken. To answer both of these questions we will use Outfield Arm [...]

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2018 Bill James Handbook: Injury Information

2018 Bill James Handbook: Injury InformationNovember 10, 2017 This year's edition of The Bill James Handbook, which was released on November 1, features a new section on Injury Information. Beginning with the 2015 season, Baseball Info Solutions has been collecting detailed injury data with the goal of creating a comprehensive database that would catalog all events [...]

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The 2017 Fielding Bible Awards

The 2017 Fielding Bible Awards October 30, 2017 The 2017 Fielding Bible Awards have officially been announced. Of the 10 winners this season, three players are first-time Fielding Bible Award winners, while the other seven have been honored for their defensive prowess previously. Andrelton Simmons made history by becoming the first ever player to win five consecutive [...]

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