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John Dewan's Stat of the Week

2020 MLB Pitcher Projections

By MARK SIMON Last week we looked at the kind of numbers that MLB's top hitters are projected to put up in 2020. This week, we’ll look at what SIS projections show for top pitchers. This comes with a caveat that pitcher usage at the start of this season figures to be hard to predict. But this [...]

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MLB Hitter Projections for 2020

By MARK SIMON What kind of numbers can we expect to see in a 60-game season compared to what we’re used to in 162 games? Mets first baseman Pete Alonso set the MLB rookie home run record by hitting 53 last season. SIS projections for a 162-game season had him hitting 49. Prorating that to 60 games [...]

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Key Players in NPB for 2020

By MARK SIMONWe’re extremely happy that MLB announced its schedule for the 2020 season, and we’ll be providing analysis on the many things you can hopefully look forward to when the league returns next month.But today, we’re focusing on a league that just started its season – Nippon Professional Baseball.Baseball in Japan got underway last [...]

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Stat of the Week: Checking in on the Defense in the KBO

With MLB owners and players still in a stalemate, the Asian baseball leagues continue to hold the spotlight for baseball enthusiasts. For now it's just the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), but Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) starts [...]

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Stat of the Week: Top KBO Pitchers

We looked at the top-performing hitters in the KBO in last week’s Stat of the Week. This week, we’ll check out the best pitchers in the league to date.Chang-mo Koo of the NC Dinos won KBO Pitcher of the Month for May, then allowed one run in six innings in his first start in June. [...]

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Who Are Some of the Top KBO Hitters?

By MARK SIMONFor many MLB fans, their baseball fix the last month has come from watching and following KBO games, learning about that league’s style of play and star players.Many of us at Sports Info Solutions are doing the same thing. We have been tracking the KBO in comprehensive detail this season. This week, we’ll [...]

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Stat of the Week: The 10th Anniversary of Roy Halladay's Perfect Game

Friday marks the 10th anniversary of Roy Halladay’s perfect game for the Phillies against the Marlins. It was the first of two no-hitters that he would pitch that Cy Young-winning season, the other coming in the NLDS against the Reds. These were the signature starts of Halladay’s Hall of Fame career.Some of the recent news [...]

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Stat of the Week: What Could MLB Look Like With 82 Games and 14 Playoff Teams?

There are still many details to be hammered out before we have a baseball season, but it seems likely that we will have a season, even if it looks a little different than usual. An 82-game season [...]

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Stat of the Week: Welcome To The KBO Season

By MARK SIMONWe're happy to see that baseball is back in South Korea as we wait for it to return to North America.The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) began play this week, though with South Korea being 10 to 13 hours ahead of most of the United States (depending on where you live), the games take [...]

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