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John Dewan's Stat of the Week

A Giant(s)Step Forward

By MARK SIMONHeading into the 2021 season, the Giants were an afterthought in the NL West given how the Dodgers and Padres were expected to be among the best teams in MLB.But on this day, it’s the Giants who have the top record in baseball. They’ve been arguably the sport’s biggest surprise this season.The Giants have done this [...]

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Zack Wheeler's 2021 Success

By MARK SIMONWith the Phillies having overtaken the Mets for first place in the NL East, there has been a recent clamor pushing Bryce Harper as a potential MVP candidate.But, at least by our calculations, there’s someone else on the Phillies who has been considerably more valuable than Harper has been.We’re referring to Zack Wheeler, who shut out [...]

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MLB Defensive Player of the Month for July

By MARK SIMONOn April 28, I received an inquiry from a fellow baseball writer regarding Joey Gallo’s Defensive Runs Saved total, which stood at -4 for the season. He wanted to know what to make of that given that Gallo had led right fielders in Defensive Runs Saved in the shortened 2020 season.One of the [...]

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Joey Gallo's Value

By MARK SIMON New Yankees outfielder Joey Gallo is having a highly unusual season. [...]

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Stat of the Week: MLB Trade Market is Rich in Shortstops

By MARK SIMON The July 30 MLB trade deadline is gradually approaching and, as usual, there are plenty of notable names on the market. In particular, the shortstop market is plentiful, and with defense being our company’s specialty, it’s worth pointing out that this is a defense-rich shortstop market. The top two shortstops in Defensive Runs Saved since [...]

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Ranking MLB Catchers by Total Runs

By CAM HARRIGAN With Louisville catcher Henry Davis being selected first overall in Sunday night’s MLB draft and the [...]

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First Half Defensive Leaders

By MARK SIMON With [...]

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