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John Dewan's Stat of the Week

Stat of the Week: Best Players at Each Position in the NFL Draft by Total Points

The NFL Draft starts this Thursday, and it promises to capture the attention of football fans in a way we haven't seen before. To get you ready for the first round of action, here are the top [...]

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Stat of the Week: The Best Defensive Team of the 21st Century

By MARK SIMON We covered the best defensive players of the 21st century in a series of articles (and Twitter polls) the last two weeks. But what about trying to figure out which was the best defensive team? The first season for tracking Defensive Runs Saved was 2003, so we'll use numbers from that year forward to [...]

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Stat of the Week: Andrelton Simmons Wins SIS Tournament of Defensive Excellence

By Mark Simon After a week of intense competition in Twitter polls, Andrelton Simmons won the SIS [...]

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Stat of the Week: So Much To Learn in Fielding Bible Volume V

By Mark SimonWe’re very excited about the release of The Fielding Bible–Volume V, which is available from ACTA Sports and wherever you buy your books. This edition of the book is a defensive analytics encyclopedia with something for everyone.The book features essays on your favorite teams and players as well as statistical studies on defense-related [...]

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NCAA Transfer Players to Watch in 2020

The college football off-season is now in full swing, with coaches and recruiting staff working to add more talent to their rosters. Along with high school athletes and JUCO standouts, teams are also recruiting current NCAA student-athletes [...]

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Stat of the Week: Mookie Betts is a Dominant Defensive Player

By Mark SimonWhen we say Mookie Betts is on the move, that has a couple of meanings. One is that he’s headed to the Dodgers in the recently-completed trade with the Red Sox. The other is that when Betts is on the move when in the field, he’s usually going to do something notable.Betts saved [...]

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2020 NFL Draft Preview

2020 NFL Draft Preview February 5, 2020 By Mark Simon, Nate Cooper, and John Todd Super Bowl LIV was great, but now it’s time to look ahead to the upcoming NFL Draft. In recent years, SIS has tracked NFL and FBS games in a similarly-detailed manner to how it tracks baseball. That allows the company to cover the draft [...]

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Stat of the Week: Super Bowl Preview

By Mark Simon The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers meet in [...]

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