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John Dewan's Stat of the Week

​Putting (Synthetic) Statcast Numbers on Top Minor League Sluggers

By MARK SIMONFor the moment, let’s focus on baseball that we know will be played this season – Minor League Baseball.SIS is an industry leader in Minor League Baseball coverage with advanced data collected from more than 5,000 games each season. In 2018, SIS built a machine-learning model, Synthetic Statcast, that was trained using actual [...]

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A Fresh Look at NBA Assists

By SIS Hoops StaffWhile we patiently wait for the MLB lockout to end and for baseball to begin, we thought we’d update you on some of the cool work we’re doing in another sport.In 2020, Sports Info Solutions expanded its sport coverage to include college basketball (you might recall this Stat of the Week). In [...]

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The Super Bowl is Super Hard To Predict

By MARK SIMONIt was tradition in this space for John Dewan to devise a Super Bowl prediction system using a variety of statistical categories to pick the winner during Super Bowl week.So we’ve tried to find a way to modernize that.We’ve got Total Points, our player value stat, back to 2016, and can tell you [...]

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Aaron Donald's Dominance

By MARK SIMON It’s been three years since the Rams last Super Bowl appearance and Aaron Donald is almost as dominant now as he was then. It’s fair to call Donald, a four-time Defensive Player of the Year winner, an all-time great. What’s so impressive about him is how much he stands above others at his position, [...]

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Upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame Ballots

By MARK SIMON With this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame elections now complete, we can now look forward to the upcoming Baseball Writers Association of America ballot classes. Scott Rolen will have some strong momentum going into next year’s ballot, having received 63% of the vote in the most recent election. That’s up a little more than 10 percentage points [...]

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2021 NFL Total Points Leaders

As we wait for baseball news (we’re looking forward to the Hall of Fame announcements next week), we’ll stick with a football theme for this week. There will be a lot of great players playing in this weekend’s Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. But the No. 1 ranked player in our value stat, Total Points, will not be among them. Chargers [...]

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NFL Playoff Football Power Rankings

By MARK SIMON We’ve been largely devoted to the baseball offseason, but with the NFL playoffs beginning on Saturday, a football cameo seemed in order for this week’s post. All season long we’ve been keeping track of our player value stat, Total Points, on a team level to create a power ranking of sorts. A brief primer on Total Points Total Points takes [...]

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Carlos Correa's Amazing Slides, Dives, and Jumps

By MARK SIMON Carlos Correa is someone who values advanced stats. He’s spoken about it both on TV and radio and even criticized Derek Jeter’s repeated selection as a Gold Glove winner (perhaps influenced by this article from Bill James?). So I think Correa might like what I’m going to present here. Our company tracks all sorts of things related to how [...]

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2022 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot

By MARK SIMON There’s so much consternation about the Hall of Fame at this time of year that perspective on potential inductees can become a secondary story. So let’s wade through the PED scandals and other transgressions and point to some Hall of Fame candidates for whom there is statistical support for Hall of Fame election, though not [...]

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2021 MLB Year-End Awards

By MARK SIMON As 2021 ends, it’s once again time for our supplemental MLB awards, ones that are statistically driven. These will salute some of the leaders in specific areas of our recordkeeping. The Hard-Hitter Award Sports Info Solutions charts every batted ball as hard-, medium- or soft-hit, based on the ball's location and velocity. The winner of the Hard-Hitter Award is [...]

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